Free video from tandem flight to a GoPro camera

Discount for returning customers

We don't require payment in advance

No hidden costs

No discount portals

Free insurance of the passenger

Basic flight, 5-10 minutes - 1600 CZK

Termic flight, 15 - 25 minutes - 2400 CZK

Extra long flight, 30 - 50 minutes - 3000 CZK


Need last-minute present? Call us at +420604823870 and we can send the voucher in a minute to your email address.

No payment in advance for gift voucher is needed.

Free video for each tandem flight


TANDEMEM.CZ - the company who love to share the ease, exhilaration and absolute freedom of tandem paragliding flights.

Tandem paragliding flights are done from Beskydy mountains located in the north Moravian region in the Czech Republic.

Contact the tandem pilot directly to arrange the flight.




 Try a tandem flight, try tandemem.cz

Free video on GoPro as a bonus for paragliding tandem flight