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The form below serves to order a tandem flight in the form of a gift voucher. If you want to order a flight for yourself, there is no need to voucher. Please go straight to tandem flight reservation.

    I want order:
    Basic flight (5 – 10 minutes) – 1900 CZK
    Thermic flight (15 – 25 minutes) – 2600 CZK
    Extra flight (5 – 20 minutes) – 3500 CZK
    video including Micro SD-HC 32GB/class 10 – 500 CZK

    The voucher will be valid from date (day-mont-year)

    Method of payment:
    Bank transferOn the spot on the day of the flight

    I want the voucher to be delivered:
    by emailby courier (for the Czech Republic only)

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    Address (in case of mail delivery to your home addres)

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